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Re: Enable/disable Button depending on recordcount

Originally Posted by gemma-the-husky View Post
but all you need to do is error trap the email button anyway

sub email_button_click
dim id as long 'used to detect an error below
on error goto fail
'if there is no current record this next line will error
'it doesn't have to be this - if you are call the email function with an argument , you don't need this. 'you just need something that will detect a blank form and not call the email 
id = recordid  
send email
exit sub
msgbox("no active record", & vbcrlf & vbcrlf & _
"error: " & err & "  Desc: " & err.description)
'I always like to show the error code
end sub
Thanks for the code, I had already done code to error trap the button, but I prefered to grey out button if there were no records.

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