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Re: Run Yes/No MessageBox from MACRO

Originally Posted by MyTech View Post
After creating a product, customer couldn't run the Macro in 2007, I had to change the macro to VBA.. and there's no option of Save As previous version..
Be professional, use Runtime and Developer.

The Access Runtime is a redistributable program that allows people who do not have Access installed on their computers to use Access database applications. When you open an Access database by using the Access Runtime, the database opens in runtime mode.

The following Access features are not available in runtime mode:

Navigation Pane
The Navigation Pane is not available in runtime mode. This helps prevent users from accessing arbitrary objects in your database application. Only those objects that you expose to users for example, by providing a switchboard form can be opened while using runtime mode. You cannot make the Navigation Pane available in runtime mode.

The Ribbon
By default, the Ribbon is not available in runtime mode. This helps prevent users from creating or modifying database objects, and from performing other potentially harmful actions, such as connecting to new data sources or exporting data in ways that you do not intend. You can create a custom Ribbon, and then associate that Ribbon with a form or report. You cannot expose the default Ribbon tabs in runtime mode.

Design view and Layout view
Design view and Layout view are not available for any database objects in runtime mode. This helps prevent users from modifying the design of objects in your database application. You cannot enable Design view or Layout view in runtime mode.

By default, integrated Help is not available in runtime mode. Because you control what functionality is available in your runtime mode application, some of the standard integrated Access Help may be irrelevant to people who use your application, and could potentially confuse or frustrate them. If you are using the Access Developer Extensions to package and deploy your database application, you can provide a custom Help file with your runtime mode application.

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