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Union query works but will not filter report.

Just as the title suggests, I've got a problem. I have a report with the record source based off of "SOURCEDATA."

Then I've got a union query that merges two other queries, which themselves are based off of the "SOURCEDATA" query. So everything is based off of the same source.

The report, when I pull it up without any filters works fine and shows ALL the data. The union query, when I open it on its own, also works fine and shows exactly what I want it to show. However, when I apply it to the Report, nothing changes. I still see ALL of the data. Interestingly, the intermediate queries that the union compares can be applied to the report and that works and shows just what I would expect.

Is there something special about union queries that they can not be used to filter report data? I don't get any errors, but I just don't get any effect of applying it to the report.

If I try to make the report's record source the union query itself, Access seems to get stuck in some sort of loop that slows everything down significantly and I have to [slowly] set the record source back to something else to get it to stop locking up. Is this any sort of hint as to what my issue is?

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