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Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Originally Posted by The_Doc_Man View Post
At the moment I'm doing a replay of Skyrim with a stealth archer. I've boosted the character's stealth, smithing, enchanting, archery, and destruction skills. When you have a Legendary crossbow that has Chaos damage in the 120+ damage range per element plus exploding Dwarven bolts of one flavor or another, even the big dragons only take a couple of hits. And, of course, Soul Trap because at 100 Enchanting, you can add a second spell to your weapon - so the crossbow is always fully charged.
Honestly, that's the case with any weapon once you start maxing out your skills, especially if you cycle alchemy and enchanting boosts to allow yourself to create weapons and item enchants that make Daedric weapons look like rusty nails. At one point I had a one-handed custom-built daedric sword that was one-shotting almost every dragon in the game. Even Alduin went down crazy-fast.

(Basically, you can boost alchemy to make better enchanting potions, which let you make better +alchemy enchantments, and I'm sure you see where this is going. Then you turn around and do the same thing for smithing buffs. In fact, HERE is a video of a guy taking a 1 damage fork and turning it into what is, for all intents and purposes, a tactical nuclear weapon. I have it starting when he starts describing precisely what needs to be done.)

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