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Re: Date Query

I still cannot manage to get this to work

Below is my SQL, Could someone please let me know where I am going wrong before my head explodes

SELECT tblUnitEquivalence.UnitEquivalence_ID, tblUnitEquivalence.[Internal Unit Code], tblUnitInternal.[Internal Unit Title], tblUnitEquivalence.[External Unit Code], tblUnitExternal.[External Unit Title], tblUnitExternal.[External Institution], tblUnitEquivalence.[Date Assessed]
FROM tblUnitInternal INNER JOIN (tblUnitExternal INNER JOIN tblUnitEquivalence ON tblUnitExternal.[External Unit Code] = tblUnitEquivalence.[External Unit Code]) ON tblUnitInternal.[Internal Unit Code] = tblUnitEquivalence.[Internal Unit Code]
WHERE (((tblUnitEquivalence.[Date Assessed])>DateAdd("yyyy",-2,Date())));
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