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Access 2k3 Compile error. in query expression Date()

Hello all,

I'm getting a compile error on this query: (using Access 2003)

INSERT INTO tblESavingsArchive ( CostCenter, MTDBalances, YTDBalances, DateTimeStamp )
SELECT tblESavings.CostCenter, tblESavings.MTDBalances, tblESavings.YTDBalances, Date() AS Expr1
FROM tblESavings;

I've checked to see in the VB window if any of the dependancies are missing, and they seem to be ok.

If I replace the "Date() AS Expr1" portion with something like "01/01/2006" it works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



It works... sometimes... for no reason whatsoever it works now. Then a few minutes later it stopped working, only to start working again. Very weird....

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