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Anyone using Microsoft Edge?

I have to admit that I wrote off Microsoft in the web browser department because in the end IE was such a disappointment, although just a little over a decade ago it had over 90% market use. So when I heard of the end of IE I thought "about time!"

Then I heard about Edge coming out. I was kind of thinking "let sleeping dogs lie" but I have been reviewing some videos showing the functions and reading up on it. I actually think it sounds and looks good.

Has anyone actually used it and can shed some more light on it? I kind of feel like it would be hard to touch Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but it does look interesting to me.

The other thing is that it's only Windows 10 compatible, and I've been hearing only rants and disappointments about Windows 10. I've been waiting to switch, hoping bugs get sorted out first. Thoughts on that?

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