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Apr 9, 2018
In our company, I am in charge of building our first access database - and am a complete noob. so apologies up front. I learned it well over 10 years ago so know basics, and basics for code, but pulling it all together is where I run into trouble sometimes.


Designers produce a folder with PDF's (always changes per project)
Designers produce an excel with a list of said PDF's that they are supposed to backcheck against info on said PDF's (Mainly Name of file)
there is NEVER a 1:1 count between the pdf's they are giving us and what their Excel says they are giving us. these need to match as both get turned into the client.


I am building a form that will do the following:

1) Import list of file names in a folder (Changes so I need FileDialogFilePicker or similar option) could be to a table, I don't care but need to show on form))
2) Import Excel to a temp table (Changes so I need FileDialogFilePicker or similar option)) Could be permanent as the form never changes, but would need to clear values when I leave the form)
3) look at list of files (minus file extension (will always be pdf)), look at imported excel "column C" - then list in a separate box/popup what the differences are, or highlight it on form
4) when they exit form all data is dumped and not saved in database.


Any help would be greatly, humbly appreciated!!
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