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Apr 18, 2008

We're a church based in the south of England and we've grown from 35 to 80 members within 4 months (not bad going). We're looking to setup the admin side of the church and be able to create mailings lists etc. I've now installed something 9 scripts on website to give them a go and the annoying thing is that each one does 1 aspect of what we want as a church.

Basically we're looking for the following functionalitiy:
1. Log all church members Name, Address, Phone number, Email etc.
2. This information to be accessed by any of the leaders/staff at the sametime and from any machine.
3. For us to group poeple into families so we can enter spouses details and kids details.
4. For us to be able to allocate people into groups. For example people might be part of the worship group or finance group etc.
5. To be able to mail merge all or certain people within the church via email.
6. To be able to mail merge all or certain people within the church via post/word.
7. To be able to print off a church address list in paper format.
8. To be able to store notes etc about the people.

I've found a company called http://www.churchworks.com/ who offer this in a package. It loks ideal and seems to do what we want. The only problem is price - £20 a month! We could never afford anything like this! Their demo found at http://www.churchworks.com/popup/Vid-WhatIsCW.html is very useful and shows what can be done.

What are the chances of creating something very similar and integrating it to a part of out website?

Thanks for your help.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
You can find Access templates that will give you much of what you want out of the box. However, Access doesn't create web pages. It is a client/server application. So each user will need Access (unless you are using A2007 in which case, you only need one full license and the rest can use the runtime version) and need to be connected to a central server where the data can be stored so that it can be shared. What version of Access are you using?

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