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Jan 23, 2006
For some reason today, my computer began to block all popups. If I right click a link and say "Open in new window" or if I hold down shift while clicking a link, a blank white IE page opens and the IE flag waves in the top right corner. Nothing else happens.

I've turned off the Google toolbar popup blocker. I've turned off the popup blocker in the Security setting for IE websites. Still not getting any popups. Seriously, I need help, I love shift-clicking on things or otherwise branching from one page to three different pages.

Check out this download page from Microsoft:
The download page that is automatically opened is a blank white IE page. But, if I click on the "If that doesn't work, download it here" link, then the file pops up and I can save it.
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If I try to "Print Preview", that page opens, showing a blank 1 page long document. When I try to print an IE page, I get a blank document. Somehow, all data is blocked from being passed from one window to another.

You know, I get popups and such just fine on Firefox. I think I'll just use that from now on.
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