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Grover Park George
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Today, 10:27
Nov 25, 2004
easily overcome by someone with a bit of access knowledge
There's an MDB floating around the internet that supports enabling/disabling the shift bypass in any other mdb on the computer. I believe it's also been updated for accdbs. You don't really even need to know how it works to use it.


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Today, 18:27
Jan 14, 2017
As previously stated, NEVER rely on the shift bypass alone

I think I know exactly the app George is referring to. It even has the gall to say something like 'for your Access peace of mind' or some such nonsense. The code used for MDBs will work in ACCDBs as well

Some time ago, I did post a suggestion to MS that developers should be able to block the shift bypass & prevent that being overwritten.
Whilst that could potentially lock developers out of their own database, I still feel it is an option that should be provided...with suitable warnings

Pat Hartman

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Today, 13:27
Feb 19, 2002
I made the same recommendation to Bill personally back in the 90's when I ran into him at a bridge tournament. Access cannot be compiled because it is not just code but it should be able to be rendered as a permanent .accdr but with the ribbon and menu items useful to users still active. Of course my chat with Bill was way before the .accdr and the ribbon but he actually thought it was a good idea or maybe he just wanted to get rid of me:) The second time I spoke to him about it was in 2006 at a cocktail party at Redmond where I had been invited with a few other developers to preview A2007. He still thought it was a good idea.

MS could probably embed info to identify the computer that created the locked db. If you could provide that info, they could give you back the password. But you still have the same problem you have with .accde's. It is not easy to go back from a "compiled" state to source code. When they create the .accde or "locked" db, they could also make a copy of the source db and zip it and label it to KEEP SAFE. It's just a couple of lines of code to force the user to make a backup.

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