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Oct 22, 2009
Saw this in my email - thought it had some interesting topics.
Given the strength of the USD, I wish I wasn't so busy on a contract. Could probably actually afford to go there given the exchange rate.

Hope they have a video or other media after the event. Some of the subjects look very interesting.
e.g. the fluid access touch app, native Access treeview...
communicating with JSON service natively in Access VBA
Using SQL Server online (would that be Azure?)
Two Professional Tools for Extending Access Development
(not sure what kind of 'profession' they could be talking about LOL)

Access Developers Conference In Vienna! views at
  • Dates: April 1-2, 2017
  • Conference will be held at a four star hotel
  • The organizer Karl will take participants on a free guided tour of Vienna on March 31
Topics include:
  • Access Flows (fast & fluid Access touch app, native Access treeview)
  • Access Strategies (Access in organizations and in the market)
  • Communicating with JSON services natively in Access VBA
  • Optimizing Access with SQL Server online
  • Techniques+Tricks for Access Pros
  • First Step of the Journey - Starting Your Project Right (my topic)
  • Two Professional Tools to Extend Access Development (SCC, MVC)
  • Automated Testing in Access Applications
Actually, just amazed that Access can garner enough users for something like this.
I plan to ask Armen Stein how well it was attended after the fact. He owes me.
On April 1 he posted a fake article about Access being purchased by Google that I totally fell for and posted on this site. :eek:
Good one Armen!
Wait a minute.... This event is April 1st too? LOL


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Apr 27, 2015
I plan on going solely because it is in Vienna...!

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