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Mar 17, 2009
Hey guys having some problems that need to be sorted asap. Have included copy of db so you can look or whatever. need it kept fairly simple as am not very tech-wise and such.

What i need help with:

  • being able to alter the calculated time inbetween Date Allocated and Expiry/Finish Date, is set default at 18days but need to be able to be altered individually
  • I need need need a search form where i can search a client by Surname, Client ID, Suburb; kinda like the layout of this one:, but have looked into this one and his example db doesnt even work and blah
  • need a search form so i can search a batch of clients by Client ID or Suburb, but like with a Client ID From ####; Client ID To ####.
  • Also need a search to check up on who an employee is working on. More on that one below though
  • Am slightly to largely confused about emailing, can i make it so I do a query and the resulting leads will get emailed a specific thingy?
  • need desperate help with a query regarding employees. Need it to show who an employee is working on. Now there is an employees table and also tables for the different types of employees, and because an employee can be more than one type the query tends to show only the ones where the employee is doing all activities..? i'd really like to only work out of the one employees file. it'll make more sense if you dl the file. lol.
Have spent days searching and trying new things but they just wont work and now im starting to really desperately need the database to be up and going.

thanks in advance for any and all help.


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Jun 9, 2004
IMHO - You need to break each of these issues down into specific problems and tackle them one at a time and start a thread for each issue (One at a time :) )

Or hire a programmer to fix it since you're not 'not very tech-wise and such' :)


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Jun 8, 2005
Who's idea was it to give you the job to do? or did you stick you hand up and say "Pick Me.."?

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