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Steve R.

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Jul 5, 2006
Tucker Carlson presented this story on his program tonight. Surprisingly, Tucker missed half the story. Tucker only picked-up on the voting issue and missed the unionization issue.

Amazon tries to delay warehouse union vote in Alabama

This story is of concern for two major reasons and implies that Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos would appear to be out-of-step with Biden who Bezos supported for President.

1. Amazon does not want to allow mail-in voting!!!! Isn't mail in voting the wave of the future, especially for high tech companies like Amazon? So, like this past election, Amazon appears to recognize that the results of an election can be potentially manipulated by the process being used to submit the ballots. With this past election, Democrats wanted mail-in balloting as they knew it would help them. Republicans didn't as in-person voting would be less susceptible to fraud and would help Republicans.
The company is arguing for the election to be held in person,... Amazon’s argument is that mail-in voting decreases voter turnout. It says the NLRB looked at the wrong COVID-19 infection data when determining how to hold the vote, using the positivity rate in Jefferson County, where the warehouse is located, rather than the positivity rate at the warehouse itself.

2. Amazon is obstructing unionization. Biden claims to be a "Union Man". That raises an issue of why a company opposing unionization would support a "Union Man" and would appear to be a case of cognitive dissonance. As a large powerful company, Amazon may believe that they "own" Biden so that, in the end, they will be immune from unionization. We will see.
The NLRB could become even less favorable to Amazon with the election of Joe Biden, who has already made aggressive moves to shift the board’s stance toward unions. On Wednesday, President Biden fired Peter Robb, general counsel of the NLRB and a longtime opponent of labor groups.

PS: Amazingly the day after the inauguration of Biden, Amazon publicly offered to help with Covid-19 relief. Why they didn't apparently make that offer while Trump was President remains a mystery.
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Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
Mystery? I don't think so. The hypocrisy of Amazon not wanting mail-in voting for "their" election is just too much:)

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