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Steve R.

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Today, 01:34
Jul 5, 2006
A similar case of race being selectively applied by the media to "flavor" the narrative played out with Larry Elder, who ran to replace Newsom in the California recall election.

As an add-on, Jussie Smollett, who is black, manufactured a fake racial hate crime against himself. For a while, it was non-stop headline news by the liberal news outlets as proof of Black abuse by White supremacists. Once the media and law enforcement realized that Smollett had pulled a repulsive publicity stunt, both the media and law enforcement seem to have quietly dropped the case. I don't know if the liberal news media ever appolgized to the public for running a story that was not properly vetted (translates to fake news).


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Mar 14, 2017
Wilfred Reilly in his book Taboo, addresses the original five most famous cases of so-called Karen's calling the police supposedly without reason. He debunks pretty much every one of them by carefully going over the actual situation, in which most of the time, the person who got called on really was behaving quite badly.

Most of what the liberal media tells us is nonsense.

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