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Jun 22, 2007

There have been many questions on this, so I thought this short thread may lower the amount of posts we have on the subject. The following article from microsoft explains the basic concept of how to populate a textbox on a form with a value that corresponds to a combo box (or list box) selection:

A few other things to note:

1) For most people, the term "autopopulate" means that they would like the value to appear in the text box as soon as the selection is made in the combo box. This is not magic. In fact, the value that seems to be magically "appearing" in the text box is actually a column in the combo box object. Combo boxes have a "columns" property, and you can set the number of columns you wish using it. However, if you're going to use this method, you might also want to use the "visible columns" property. This is the trick that "populates" a text box. This complete phenomenon is covered in the microsoft article above.

2) There are plenty of other ways to accomplish this simple task other than using the columns property of the text box. However, this is the basic concept, and probably the one that is used most often.

Hopefully this explanation helps somebody... :)
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