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I recently created a database with an FE and BE, and I want to be able to back up the BE from the FE. In the FE, I added a menu item "Back up database...", and it works good for the FE, but I want it to back up the BE, where the data is located. The reason that I like the menu item is that it opens a "Save Backup As" dialog box, and it also adds the date to the name of the database. Also it will be easier for the people that are using the db.


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I have a few old threads floating around with some code I designed to backup a database file [the db can also be open when it is backed up]. It uses the registered version of WinZip to compress the file. You can still follow my method if you do not have WinZip. Here is the first thread I found when I searched... Back up and zip code from ghudson

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