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Oct 20, 1999
i have two text have a default value of 8 (which is hours an employee can actually work)
the other is the hours absent.
what i'm trying to do is :
1. when i put a number in the hours absent, i want the value in the hours worked box to change.
right now, what i do is make a change each time an employee have some time off, which now makes the defualt value to chanege.
please is there a way i can make this simplier?
2. if maybe the hours absent was 2hours and the default value for hours worked is already set to 8, how do i make this value automatically change to 6hours, since the employee was out for 2hours.


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Dec 17, 1999
The answer is elementary (addition and subtraction that is Access Style)

On the AfterUpdate of the Hours Absent Field add this code.

Private Sub HoursAbsent_AfterUpdate()
Me.[HoursWorked]=Me.[HoursWorked].DefaultValue - Me.[HoursAbsent]
End Sub

Nice thing is that you can always retrieve the DefaultValue so if you change the Hours Absent you will get a valid Hours Worked.

Hope this helps

End Sub

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