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Can anyone recommend a good Gaming Laptop (1 Viewer)


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Today, 06:51
Aug 31, 2006
HI Guys,

I want to buy my son a Gaming Laptop for Christmas and have a Budget of about £600 pounds, im looking for a high end Graphics Chipset either Nvidia, or AMD with at least 4GB of dedicated Memory, and a fast Processor.

Do you have any recommendations I could look at?


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Today, 06:51
Feb 19, 2013
Have you looked at the gamer review sites?

Can't really make any recommendations but check for number of ports - if your son is plugging into one or more monitors, make sure you have sufficient suitable ports - the coming thing is displayport and there is also hdmi - the former can be chained although monitors can be expensive at the moment. Suggest processor needs to be an i5 and graphic needs to be able to handle multiple monitors comfortably. (displayport and hdmi can handle multiple monitors which combine to a total of 4096 x 2560 but there are different levels of port capability)

here is some links to gamer laptop sites


and some review sites


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