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cannot modify a forms's Recordset and Bookmark properties remotely from another form. (1 Viewer)


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Today, 11:26
Feb 1, 2000
Problem: I cannot modify a forms's Recordset and Bookmark properties remotely from another form.

Overview: I have a main form used to enter and display data. User wants search to be done many different ways, preventing me from putting the search on the main form because there is not enough room. If i could do that, i would not have this problem! Instead, I added a search button to open another form that can display all the search options, and from here the search will be made and then the main form recordset will be updated. One type of search uses a combo box lookup. I am familiar with doing combo box lookups when the combo box is on the same form, but what does one do when the lookup is being done from a remote form? I cannot get the main form to update its recordset. With the following code i get a "Application-defined or object-defined error".

Private Sub cboByTitleLookup_AfterUpdate()
Forms!frmLibraryBooks.Me.Recordset.FindFirst "[BookID] = " & Me![cboByTitleLookup]
Forms!frmLibraryBooks.Me.Bookmark = Forms!frmLibraryBooks!RecordsetClone.Bookmark
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmLibraryBooksSubLookup", acSaveNo
End Sub

Thanks for the Help!


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