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Jul 9, 2003
Colin's handle, "Isladogs," has always intrigued me. I wondered if it referred to some obscure Greek mythology or a Monty Python sketch I'd missed. I hesitated to ask, not wanting to appear uninformed. However, the other day, while curious about another poster's handle, I enlisted the help of ChatGPT to decipher it. ChatGPT did a very good job and was very clever in deciphering the handle. I realized I could ask Chatty about Colins Handle. This is the exchange I had with chatty

I asked Chat GPT
What is isladogs

"Isladogs" refers to a comprehensive Access database blog created by Colin, a Microsoft Access MVP. The blog, titled "Isladogs," focuses on providing tutorials, tips, and advice for using Microsoft Access, particularly in areas such as VBA programming, database design, and troubleshooting. It is a valuable resource for both beginners and advanced users looking to improve their skills in Microsoft Access.

I thought cool that's brilliant! I wondered what it would say about my website so I asked:-

What is "Nifty Access"


"Nifty Access" is a website dedicated to providing resources and suport for Microsoft Access users. It is run by Richard Rost, who offers tutorials, templates, and custom database development services. The site aims to help users of all skill levels improve their understanding and use of Microsoft Access through clear and practical guidance.

In seeing that chatty mentioned Richard Rost as being the owner I thought What the Hell! I asked for the URL for confirmation:-

URL please


Searched 4 sites
Nifty Access is a website offering a variety of resources for Microsoft Access users, including tutorials, templates, and tips. It is run by Richard Rost, an experienced Access developer and instructor. The site provides comprehensive guidance to help users improve their skills, whether they are beginners or advanced users. For more information and to explore the resources available, you can visit Nifty Access at and Richard Rost's main teaching site at (Nifty Access) (Computer Learning Zone) (Computer Learning Zone).

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I am the owner of the Nifty Access website so I'm very surprised that you link it to Richard Rost .. please explain


I apologize for the confusion. It appears there was an error in identifying the correct website associated with "Nifty Access." It is clear now that you are the rightful owner of the Nifty Access website. I regret the mistake of linking it to Richard Rost, who operates his own separate website focused on Microsoft Access training and resources.

If you have a specific URL or more details about your Nifty Access website that you'd like to share, I can update my understanding and provide accurate information about it.

I then asked-
What do you mean by "update your understanding"

By "update my understanding," I mean correcting any inaccuracies in my knowledge and ensuring that the information I provide about your Nifty Access website is accurate and up-to-date. Since you are the owner, you can provide the correct details about the services, resources, and focus areas of your website.

To accurately represent Nifty Access, could you please provide the URL and a brief description of the main features and resources available on your site? This will help ensure that any future references to Nifty Access are correct and aligned with your vision for the site.

No, I meant, i don't understand how you can update, correct inaccuracies as I didn't think you had this ability? Can you explain this ability which appears to be new?


I understand the confusion. Let me clarify what I meant by updating my understanding.

When I say "update my understanding," I mean that I can learn from the new information you provide and correct any previous mistakes or misconceptions. While I cannot change or store personal data or remember past interactions across sessions, I can adjust my responses within our current conversation based on the new information you provide. Here's how it works:

Real-Time Adjustment: In the current conversation, I can use the information you provide to ensure my responses are accurate and reflect your input. For example, now knowing that you own the Nifty Access website, I can correctly reference it with the details you provide.

Accuracy Improvement: If there was a misunderstanding or incorrect information given, I can immediately correct it in the context of our current discussion, ensuring the information is aligned with your actual site and offerings.

I don't have the ability to permanently update stored knowledge, but I can adjust my responses to be accurate based on the context and details you provide during our conversation.

If you'd like, please share the correct details about your Nifty Access website, and I will ensure my responses reflect this accurately going forward.

I realised this was pointless so I said:-
Then there's no point in me updating the information, is there?

I understand your concern. While I can't permanently update or store information across different sessions, providing accurate details in our current conversation helps ensure that the information is correct and useful for this session. This can be beneficial for the immediate context and might help address any specific needs or queries you have about your website.

If you choose to provide the correct details about your Nifty Access website, I will ensure that my responses accurately reflect this information during our current conversation. This can still be valuable for ensuring any immediate needs or questions are addressed correctly.

I pointed out that chatty is not intelligent!

You are definitely NOT intelligent !!!

I apologize if my previous responses were not satisfactory. I aim to provide accurate and helpful information based on what is available to me. Let's refocus on your needs regarding Nifty Access. If there are specific details or questions you have about Nifty Access, or if there are aspects of your site you want to highlight or clarify, please let me know, and I will do my best to assist you accurately within our current conversation.

I then realized that it might be the way I was presenting the question:-
It appears that my question was not well thought out. What I wanted to know is what you can tell me about the word:- isladogs? Is it a real word? Is it historic? Is it comic?

The term "Isladogs" appears to be a coined term rather than a word with historical, linguistic, or comic origins. It is primarily known as the name of a blog dedicated to Microsoft Access, created by Colin, a Microsoft Access MVP. The blog provides tutorials, tips, and advice for users of Microsoft Access.

Here are some details:
Not a Real Word: "Isladogs" is not a recognized word in the English language and does not appear in dictionaries.
No Historic Significance: There is no historical significance or context associated with the term "Isladogs."
Contextual Use: In the context of the blog, "Isladogs" is used as a unique identifier or brand name for the site providing resources and support for Microsoft Access users.

Could it be a play on island of dogs?


Yes, "Isladogs" could indeed be a play on the phrase "island of dogs." This interpretation makes sense when considering how words can be creatively modified or combined to create a unique and memorable name or brand. Here's a breakdown of the potential play on words:

"Isla": This is the Spanish word for "island."
"Dogs": Refers to the animals, commonly known and easily recognizable.

When combined, "Isladogs" could evoke the image of an "island of dogs," which might be intended to convey a unique, memorable, or playful brand identity. This kind of wordplay is often used to create distinct and catchy names for blogs, businesses, or products.

However, without specific context or confirmation from the creator, this remains speculative. It is a plausible explanation for the origin of the term "Isladogs."
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Says right here
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Curious. I wonder what it was about "Nifty Access" that found a link to Richard Rost. Why not confuse you with Crystal? She also posts a lot of videos. You should try again in a few days. Ask the same question but if it still links you to Richard, ask for URLs that caused the connection. It may be that Richard has also used the term "Nifty Access" in some of his videos.
I think you missed the point of this post. Chat GPT wrote a nice piece about Colin's website.
my point was it was speculating the origin of the word 'isladogs' which is stated in the link to the website which it is aware of - but did not find the actual origin as stated. A fail in my opinion...
No advertising each others sites please. Although you may think it should be allowed, if it was this place would become a disaster. Behind the scenes I get messages like, "Well you say you can't advertising, but what about xyz who did abc?" You can talk about it conceptually like what does Isladog mean, but when you have multiple links to fellow members sites dropping in a thread, it is a no no.
I don't know the significance of Colin's "handle" Isladogs. For a long time he was Ridders.

Here's the wikipedia view that I have associated (my guess, probably incorrect) with his newer moniker.
I remember hearing Isle of Dogs from a Sherlock Holmes radio broadcast.

Perhaps, we should ask Colin or maybe he told us here.
Sorry Jon, I didn't see any advertising. The only link was one pointing back to this site where Colin explained his handle. I think Uncle's conversation with ChatGP was very interesting.

I agree we don't need advertising in technical posts.
once again Tony, you have proven that wasting your time is a big part of your day. by the way, I once asked Colin about the term "isladogs" and he did give me an answer as to why he used the handle, but I have since forgotten.
once again Tony, you have proven that wasting your time is a big part of your day. by the way, I once asked Colin about the term "isladogs" and he did give me an answer as to why he used the handle, but I have since forgotten.

Indeed Dick, I do find Chatty a waste of time on occasion. But sometimes it saves me many hours. Chatty helped me create a chrome app that creates a perfect time stamped Google Doc on the press of a button.

Chatty wrote this blog post for me, which obviously piqued your interest, and prompted me to respond to your constant trolling.

Chatty wrote this one as well:-

Mind you, I'm "wasting my time" exploring the nuances of the latest technology, and NOT indulging in Trolling, which is your preferred time wasting exercise.

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