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I have created a form that contains combo boxes that allow to user to select and entry on which to search the database and pull out records that match their combo box selection. It will also allow them to key in a response and then search the database on that also. The problem with this is that if they key in a choice that there is no record match in the database a blank form comes up with absoulutely nothing on it and the only way to get out is to close the form. I need to be able to refer the user to another form or back to the original form to make another selection. Please help ASAP, need to have application up and running quickly.


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Oct 3, 1999
You need to identify in your code whether any records will be returned BEFOR you open the form. I.E If nomatch (or 0 records) then do not open the form but return to where you came from.

Sorry I can not give specific code as the code used very much depends on the way you have designed your applicationm however the principal stands

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