Condition Format on Unbound field won't work e.g. Value < 0 but exp [FieldX] < 0 does work (1 Viewer)


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May 2, 2010

On Forms mostly but also on reports.

Condition Format on Unbound field won't work. e.g. FieldX
e.g. Value < 0 highlight in red
often won't work, but perhaps 50% of time it will, does not seem to matter what the number is -6 is not red, - 11 is red & random number it seems.

If I use expression : [FieldX] < 0 it works 100% of time, again I guess perhaps the calculation forces a delay or just acts after form fully loaded

Had this before and generally just worked around but would like to know if can be avoided or perhaps abnormal behaviour.
ref. on a Form. All are refreshed.

FieldX is populated during On Load, also when I move between records on a button I use, on click.
Also does it on a Report, OnPrint, same thing, I rather think the report would have all the data before it displayed after OnPrint.

Never noticed on bound fields so assume something to do with being unbound and the underlying data is simply not up to date but works sometimes.

I have had this before but cannot nb. the specifics, don't use that often on unbound but sometime I was multiple fields with the same conditions so a paint to do them individually when I could select all have have the same e.g. Value < 10

THanks I/A


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May 7, 2009
i think Value only applies when the Control has Focus.

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