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Jan 12, 2020
Good evening fellow members,

I have a report that produces a list of the top 100 athletes with a rank column. There are quite often athletes who share the same rank, and are simply sorted alphabetical after that.

I would like to insert a page break to get all rankings <= 50 on the first page, and the remainder on the second page.

There is no guarantee that there will be anyone ranked 50. The data set could look something like this:

Rank    Athlete    .......
1       Athlete A
1       Athlete B
3       Athlete C
48       Athlete J
48       Athlete K
48       Athlete L
<-- Page Break Here -->
51       Athlete M
98       Athlete Y
98       Athlete Z
Anyone ranked 50 (or less) should appear on the first page. I currently have keep together on rank, but the first page usually goes to about rank 54, give or take. I've hunted around on the forum but haven't found anything that quite fits the bill. Access version is 2013, if that helps.

This is purely cosmetic, just to satisfy my OCD. Any advice you could lend would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Jan 14, 2017
Welcome to AWF.
The simplest solution is just to increase the margins slightly or modify the layout so less data goes on the first page.

If that's not precise enough use a main report with a record source limited to those where rank <=50. Then add a page break and follow that with a subreport for the remaining athletes


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Oct 29, 2018
Hi. Welcome to AWF!

I was just curious. What would happen if there's enough ties on the first page that the 50th ranked person(s) spill over to page 2? Would you still want rank 51 to start on page 3?

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