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Apr 9, 2022
So I work in a support capacity and have been working on a solution for my fast paced call volume and Access Database seems to be my Cure-All. I'm using this database to enter the initial call details and then later enter it into our main database which is a very clunky and overly cumbersome. I've got the database the way I like it and Copy buttons made for the individual details to speed the entry into our call database. What I'm wanting to do is perform a copy of multiple text boxes then paste into Microsoft Teams to alert our other team to the issue with all needed details. Trying to get away from copying each field one at a time. I have searched for a week now but have not come even close to finding a solution. Not sure if im using the wrong keywords or not. I'm still new to it all. If I'm out of line in this request, please let me know

I want to use the "Teams Message" button to copy the fields below and allow me to paste into Teams when I Ctrl+V like the second screen below

Either with or without line title but would like it in this format to paste.

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