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I am currently seeking an intership position which I have to create a database. My project is to design a weekly timesheet for all employees to sign in and out on each day, and the users have to enter the information in the system by themselves. The information needed for the table and the form are created and they are just fine. However, there are some problems. First, I could not get the "automatic" fields working. For example, when the users log in, a friendly interface window would pop-up so that the users can enter the time they are in. At the same time, their name, SSN, and current date should be automatically pop-up in the "automatic fields" (users don't have to type in these infor.), but I couldn't figure out how to do this. Another problem is the calculation part. When employees enter their working hours on specific date, the total worked hours should be automatically calculated, but this is not working either. They have to enter the number by themselves, otherwise, nothing is shown up.

I really need your help in order to finish this project. Anyone who knows about this, please help me out. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Nov 12, 1999
I just made a form that does what you have specified in your question. The time entries have not been added but they are just a matter of adding a subform.

I use a similar form for our employees to do time sheets, and another to do expenses. I would be happy to send you something if you still need it.


Hello. I think I can help with your second problem with the total hours not calculating. I had the same problem, where the totals calculated field just stays blank. Go into your table where the raw data resides, and go to design view. Then, highlight the fields where the hours are being logged. Make sure that those fields are tagged as number and not text in the "data type". Make sure that there are no alpha characters in those fields...only numbers. I hope this helps - this plagued me for over a month!!

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