Denver Police Union testified illegal immmigrant involved in heroin trfficking (1 Viewer)


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Oct 22, 2009
The most politically incorrect statement or a Union trying to protect its workers?
Denver is a hub for heroin in the Rocky Mountain region. Denver took a stand to protect illegal immigrants calling itself a "Sanctuary cities".
Basically, the police are encountering crime associated with drugs, violence and gangs. When the police arrest an illegal Immigrant they send them back to what often appears to be Mexico. Often, they are back in 30 days.
The political leaders in Colorado openly complain that arresting illegal immigrants is a racist policy. Many are concerned this Political Correctness is promote gang activities to be excluded from law enforcement.
Heroin is huge despite Colorado having Pot stores as available as Starbucks.
Heroin is associated with violence, weapons, and organized crime.

What is interesting in other stories is how a Union is basically told they should never be allowed to ever speak their opinion about this. Law enforcement fear loosing their jobs.
Yet, the news covers contract murders, many deaths from tainted drugs, and other violence. The deaths of 472 Opioid Overdose Deaths for Denver in 2015 has grown dramatically. The amount of heroin seized annually in Colorado rose over 1,500 percentt from 2011 to 2015. Not surprisingly, the number of heroin-related deaths more than doubled in that same period. From 2015 it has more than doubled again.

People that didn't vote for Trunp are concerned about how Trump is blamed for racist immigration policies. The national media openly headline racist deportations and fail to mention the reasons. While there is nothing new about political agendas, it doesn't mean they don't exist.

Colorado isn't the only state with heroin problems. It just points out how huge concerns of violence and death being ignored.

Here is a story that won't be run in the national media:

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