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Employees Example (1 Viewer)

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It wasn't me
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Today, 13:27
Nov 28, 2005
Version 3

All Examples within this project will relate to employees or employment.

Includes an updated version of Peter Hibbs Holiday Planner.
Move And Postion code from isladogs
Ribbon Code From thedbguy

A schedule Calendar and Diary Plus more

It is constantly being Updated with new features esp those I see cropping up in the forums.

It will help with
Querys, ComboBoxs, listboxes, Image, Tables, forms and Creating functions.

Download V4 From link below

Errors and correction for V4 can be found here

I am leaving the link to version 3 for now

download V3 from the link below

Plaese note I will post new links as and when they become available.

Currently working on version 4 which will include:
Adding picture to employees record and setting up a default loaction
A time sheet entry system
A wages system (Please note this is just something I want to see if I can get working)
Complete login system including Licence Screen
Updated Diary You can now view 24 hours instead of just 17

from version 4 you will be able to see on the main control whats been added, edited or removed plus Whats planned for next version.

Please view inages

Should you find an error please let me know

EDITED by Isladogs - 02/05/2020
Updated link to v4 at the request of MickJav


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