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Nov 12, 2019
I have been having a problems with an Access 2016 database app I have created. I have created numerous data bases over the years.

I created a time entry application first where about 200 users can enter in their weekly timesheets and generate reports. I made this into an ACCDE, which compiles down to about 2 meg for the app. A user can refresh their historical timesheets from the backend database to their local application and enter in hours without logging on to the system. They can just save their timesheet to the backend database at the end of the week when they are connected to the network. The Access ACCDE does not grow in application size and operates without any problems or locking issues.

I just created another Access application and it compile down to around 5 meg. Every time I log on to the Access application, it grows in size. Even if you repair and compact the database it never goes back to 5 meg or the file size that it was before the repair and compact. It keeps growing and growing to over 100 meg. The only way to get it back to the original size is to create a blank database and reimport all the tables, forms, queries, reports, and modules. I have looked at everything and the new Access application follows the same rules as the first Access application. Any ideas on why the second database behaves differently?

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