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Yesterday, 18:40
Oct 31, 2006
Just want to post that I am hoping that everyone, their friends and families are safe. I see the recent flooding in North of England and Scotland, not everyone posts their exact geographic but there are people here that might be there or have people there so I wanted to mention this is in my thoughts and prayers.


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Today, 02:40
Oct 21, 2008
You do feel for the people affected - some have been flooded so many times over the recent years that they can no longer get insurance cover.
While many are quick to blame 'global warming' / 'climate change' or whatever the latest phrase for weather is, there was an interesting letter in The Times a couple of days ago


'... but the crucial cause of increasing inland flooding is the Environmental Agency’s (EA) policy of slowing rivers down by encouraging biodiversity and habitat. This causes damage to human health and safety.'

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