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Jun 21, 2014
Hey all

Tried to find things but being a mix of a couple of different actions havn't been able to actually find it :(

So basically I found a awesome form somewhere that builds the SQL query based on all the users selections.

When you hit the create button it will save the query and update the sub data sheet below with your query results.

From here the part I'm lost on is getting the TOP x number of records and moving them to a new table, I wanted it to work on the 2 drop down boxes that are on the form. select your values and hit the button.

I'd imagine it would be a sub query that I'd use for the top x like I have in the past but I just can't seem to get it to work :(

quick steps

1. create your query
2. check your data in the sub datasheet
3. decide the number of records to move to the new table
4. select the name
5. hit the button

this would copy the ban, xcv & dfs fields from the importeddata table to the moverecordshere table & also update persname in the moverecordshere table with the name selected in the form.

sample db attached to make it easier to understand ;)


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