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  • New forum feature - post voting and best solution

    Check out this thread for the details: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/threads/new-forum-feature-post-voting-and-best-answer.314134/

    This new feature looks great to me! :)

  • We now have 3 forum themes

    Go for the default (light) theme, Shades of Grey or Shades of Blue. I just added the Blue one.

    The thread about it is here: https://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/threads/new-forum-theme-shades-of-blue.314136/

Forum improvements roadmap (1 Viewer)

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Sep 28, 1999
Here is a list of possible improvements I intend to implement on the forum:
  • High priority

    • Front-end caching of logged in users for speed - researching
    • Front-end caching of all css files - researching
    • Better code block thingy - researching
  • Low priority
    • Implementation of new paid subscription service
    • Revamp root of site
    • GDPR popup
  • Done
    • Weekly Newsletter highlighting the top threads
    • Transferring of Thanks counts from old forum to Likes
    • Back-end caching of guests to keep the site zippy fast
    • Pruning down and consolidating sticky threads
    • Similar threads plugin
    • Sticky threads for light theme colour
    • Improve search functionality
    • Mark post solved
    • Live updates in the Latest Posts widget, without having to refresh
    • Add scroll to bottom button
    • Implementation of ads
    • Change sticky colour for dark theme
    • Notice banner for logged in members with zero posts
    • Submit Sitemap.xml to Google Search Console
    • CDN to help site speed, wherever you are in the world
    • Block Google bot access to old site content
    • Edit new registration email to say post a new message in the Introduce Yourself forum
    • Spam registration traps
    • Possible removal or re-positioning of Staff Online widget
    • Possibly remove Latest Profile Posts
    • Improve position of Excel forum
    • Setting up of mods private section, like before
    • Retaining reply in Reply box
    • Like button
    • Counts of viewers on threads
    • Bookmarking feature
    • Set up the moderators
    • Setting up Spam prevention system
    • Add user data below avatar
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