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Jun 7, 2012
I'm in the middle of my most ambitious vba projects to date, and want to make sure I'm following any best practices that I can gather up. My main question is where to place some of my code. For instance, I have one form that will require a lot of code (for me anyways) to calculate some analytics for the form. At this point, I think it's unlikely I'll need this code anywhere else in the application, but who knows......So, should I place this code in a Module, or just keep it in the form itself?

Also, I'm looking for a good book on Access VBA, if anyone has one they can recommend. I'd prefer it deal with Access 2010, but am open to all suggestions.



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Sep 12, 2006
if you want to resuse it then put it in a module. also try and break your subs into smaller units, (ideally so each sub does one thing only) - which will also help make them more re-usable.

however, one point is that a form's code module knows about the controls on the form. if you put the code in a module, then you need a different treatment to manage data from the underlying form - as this direct link no longer exists.

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