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May 17, 2013
Hello, everyone

First, I am not "shouting" by using a larger font. I have impaired vision and it makes it much easier for me to read. :)

While I am a fairly tech-savvy person, I have not done all that much with Access. In doing web searches for information, I have several times found what I needed on this forum. So I figured it was time I joined!

I am in the process of creating a registration database for a conference I am involved with. It is being a challenge :banghead:, because in addition to the usual things like contact info, we also need to keep track of thinkgs like:
registration fees, which vary according to date received and role of the person within the conference,
people paying for/paid by other people,
dontations reeived, and
type of vending space.

I am not the only one who will be using the DB, of course. I know several others will be, and many of them are *not* computer-friendly.

So you may see me here from time to time. I do tend to lurk more than type, unless I have something specific and constructive to offer.

Looking forward to being here, though!


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