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Feb 8, 2022
I've been using Access for maybe 20 years. Emphasis on using rather than programming as I've achieved all of my needs just using queries. I've never got into vba but always wanted to. I've also always wanted to learn to touch-type but still just use 2 fingers.
My main computer at work is 10 years old and was running Windows 7, which I didn't want to upgrade from because most of the software I had bought and paid for (Adobe CS4 and Windows Office 2010) worked fine for me and did everything I needed. A hard disc failure has now forced me to upgrade as the servers to download the software no longer exist.
So that's brought me here, as I have issues (don't we all) and Google can't always help, and if you are still reading I'd like to say "Hello" from a very mild Cornwall.


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Sep 28, 1999
Welcome to the forums! We are the most active Microsoft Access community on the internet by far, with posts going back over 20 years!

To get started, I highly recommend you read the post below. It contains important information for all new users to this forum.


We look forward to having you around here, learning stuff and having fun!

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