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Aug 17, 2020
Since I'm up 24 hours a day anyway, I made it a point this morning to get the truth out of a manager who worked for a big bank. And everything I said, and what he said to me, opened his eyes and gave him the truth that there IS someone that still resides in this world, although that person lives in secret, that can help stop the insanity, idiocy, fear and hatred of the tyrants that run this world. Here are the resources to gain insight into this:

LinkedIn Post by Me:

1hr 40min long mp3 recording of the conversation (don't worry, no laws or regulations have been broken by sharing this):

There's a lot of good information in this discussion, some of it being these topics, which are covered:
=> how banks analyze credit card behavior.
=> what information banks check to get a credit card.
=> what information they DON'T check.
=> how the software works and why the developers don't tell the users what it does.
=> how to get a credit line increase under countless scenarios, even if you have lost your job.
=> how to move money around from bank to bank to cut your personal expenses.
=> how to use banks' greedy business model to fund common sense initiatives.
=> how to use bank employees' fear of being poor to your own advantage.

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