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How to Look up and open form to add record is the entered record is not available (1 Viewer)

Phyo Wai

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Today, 22:20
Apr 13, 2020
Good Morning,
I want to know how to Look up and open form to add record is the entered record is not available.

For example, I want to create Purchase List Database and it has "vendor details" table containing "Name" field. I also create form for that "vendor details".

I want to create "Purchase List" data and it will have "Vendor Name" field that is linked to "Name" field from "vendor details" table. In that field, I want to use look up to check if the record is available or not and open form to add new "vendor details"record if it is not available.

Thank in advance.


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Today, 08:20
Feb 28, 2001
For combo boxes that you might use to drop down to select a particular vendor record, there is such a thing as a "Not In List" event, which you can use if you tried to "write in" the vendor name and it came up with no match. I have not used this myself, but if you search the forum for "Not In List" you should be able to see many threads.



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Today, 06:20
Oct 4, 2015
I assume there are many relationships in the Purchase List and Sales Details table.
Now create a subform for Vendor Details, set aside. Then create the Purchase List form. Add the subform you put aside to this form. Put a ComboBox in the Purchase List as a last operation Using the wizard, select the Find a record in the form that matches the values I selected. Run the form, select a value from the combo box, if there is no value in the subform, you can add it immediately.

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