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Jan 12, 2001
How to post a database to the forum:

1. First, open your database and go to TOOLS > DATABASE UTILITIES > COMPACT AND REPAIR. This will compile and remove dead space in your database, which will reduce the size.
2. Then, zip the mdb file using something like WinZip, Ultimate Zip, etc. to compress the file further. You cannot post an mdb file directly. You must zip it into compressed form. If you have Windows XP or Vista, you have a built-in compression tool and you can right-click the mdb file and select SEND TO > COMPRESSED FOLDER and that will create a .zip file too.
3. Next, you click on the GO ADVANCED button from the Quick Reply area in the posting area and then go down to near the bottom of the page. You can click on MANAGE ATTACHMENTS and
4. Then click on the browse button to navigate to your zipped file.
5. Select your file and then
6. Click the UPLOAD button.
7. Once uploaded you can click the CLOSE WINDOW button to close the attachments dialog.
8. After that you can click the SUBMIT REPLY to submit your post (be sure to add any text you want before clicking).

NOTE: The file size must be UNDER 2 Mb
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