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Yesterday, 22:24
Sep 22, 2014
My home city of Bristol was built on the riches from slavery. Edward Colston was a prolific slave trader, and Bristol made millions from the USA who needed slaves. In Bristol, there are many examples of how slave money benefitted the city. If it wasn't for slaves, Bristol would have to rely more on smuggling and exploitation of women for dubious activities. Slaves were more lucrative though.
Thank you for the brief info on the history of Bristol, I know two people from my home country who are currently studying MSc at the University of Bristol.


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Today, 15:24
Jun 7, 2022
Interesting topic, I was surprised to find out that the King of Congo was the one offering slaves to the King of Portugal, I always heard and learned at school that he Europeans used to raid Africa and capturing free people, but there are the letters from the King of Congo to prove me wrong.
Anyway slavery is a very sad chapter in human history... it still happens today and it has nothing to do with skin colour.

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