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May 15, 2013
Hi I have migrated a local database to mysql backend.
I am very proud of my efforts so for in that all relationships work etc, and all clients can connect through anodbc connection.
When the db was local I had images stored for students, but realised tht this is very ineffiecent and so removed them and stored the acutal image ina shared directory on the msql server then adjusted the records to have a text field containg the path to the image ie \\server_ip\share\path
Having adjusted my student record form now I can display student pictures as they flcik through although I had to populate empty photo field with a link to an empty avater type image file otherwise the image would not change when the record changed if there was no image.
My problem now is two fold.
1) I think i need to use a relational directory and am not certain about where it be in relation to? Is it the http / www directory or the mysql directory or in relation to where the access db file for front end is located (also on the same server?). I installed WAMP FYI on the server default settings
I need relational as will be accessing from internal and external network so therefore includeing the ip address will no longer work.and also does not work if accessing from the serveritself which will also act as a client.
2) I want to be able to select student photo on various local pcs's to then upload to the mysql server and also store the path in the image location text field. But I am at a complete loss where to begin with this.
OK I hope there is someone out there who can help steer me to the right solution.
Thanks for any part or full help you may offer.

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