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Steve R.

Jul 5, 2006
Evidently, at the Davos, World Economic Forum one of the themes they are celebrating is that of indigenous people. What makes their "celebration" absurd, is that the indigenous woman is not indigenous to Davos. Would she be considered a colonizer!!!

The Forum, if they really wanted to celebrate indigenous people, should have had a native of Davos (in native dress) perform some local traditional custom. Seems that those sponsoring Davos are committing a racist act by refusing to acknowledge their own European historical traditions, which they should be proud of. We are all Indigenous to some location on this Earth.
I hear the high end prostitutes are descending on Davos for this event in particular. Must be in high demand.
I wonder if the prostitutes have to comply with DEI criteria? :unsure:

Kerry is still getting irritated at being called a hypocrite for flying his carbon emitting private jet.
I love it when the people who will never be impacted by silly rules always want to impose those silly rules on others. Kerry is way too important to fly commercial. Personally, I think I am too. Not that my opinion makes any difference. In fact, due to the silly rules imposed on me as the TSA pretends to keep us safe, I have come to dread flying where I once looked forward to travelling. It's not the flying so much, it's the fact that I need to go through an airport to get on a plane. Although, flying has gotten pretty dreadful also. I am old enough to remember when we used to dress up to fly. Now, planes are so uncomfortable, people wear jammies and flipflops.
There's no such thing as an indigenous person unless you happen to a direct descendant of the first human beings ever there in the history of all time, which is something we almost never know for sure. It's all just more excuse to rage, to boil, to riot, to complain, to blame, to shift, to excuse, to get, to outrage, to protest, to have something, dodgammit, to DO other than Netflix!

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