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Jun 24, 2017
Hi All,
I have a MS Word fillable form template that has many fields I wold like to have an interactive QR Code to incode three fields [Account Number], [Form Name] and [Date] that once the user fill out the form the QR will capture the data entered and generated like pdf forms.

I have downloaded a free QR Code font but unfortunately, it generate many qr for each character not combine to one.

Is there any work around by useing VBA to combine them to one QR?
By the way I found a built-in QR in MS Word 2013 but I do not know how to use it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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Oct 6, 2019
welcome back, sir! :) You know, I've never seen a question like this ever asked on this forum, or this website in general. I don't have an answer for you directly and I know that the mods here frown on people answering questions with google search URL's, but I have to ask ya....have you looked it up?

furthermore, per the wikipedia page, you might have a tough time reading data from the QR code and throwing it to a word form. but I'm sure it can be done. QR codes, I believe, are widely used in the retail industry, just like bar codes, when they are read by those lasers coming from the scanning hand-held devices.

I'm also wondering, why are you posting such complicated questions? It just makes me curious as to what business you're in, why you're trying to perform all these difficult operations by integrating office products with other technologies, and PDF documents as well. I would guess there's an easier way to do the things you're doing. But that's just my opinion of this whole thing.....what do ya think?

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