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Jul 4, 2013
The 2022 Strategic Investment Conference of big finance/corporate currently being held for top finance/investment people. This is from the notes of one of the attendees.

One of the speakers, Dr. Frank Luntzy said to think of the US population as one big family. Well, one big dysfunctional family in need of a lot of therapy to reconcile all of our differences. Think of Dr. Luntz as an objective therapist, someone who can clearly see and get to the root of the dysfunction.

Some quick background: Dr. Luntz pioneered the “instant response focus group technique.” He has written, supervised, and conducted more than 2,500 surveys, focus groups, ad tests, and dial sessions for more than 50 Fortune 500 companies and CEOs in more than two dozen countries and six continents over the past 30 years. His political and communication knowledge and skills are recognized globally. He’s the author of three New York Times Best Sellers: Words that Work: It’s Not What You Say It’s What People Hear; What Americans Really Want… Really, which addresses the private hopes, dreams, and fears of the American people and reached number 18 on the Best Seller list; and WIN, which reached number 2 on Amazon and number 3 on The New York Times Business Best Seller lists.

He began by telling the audience that if we could look into his mind, “I don’t think you would like what you see. It’s pretty dark out there. It’s not just about the economy. It’s about the divisions in society. It’s about our inability to interact with each other in a thoughtful fashion.”

Here’s the bottom line: He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s scared. Our issues are due to the divisions in society and our inability to interact with each other in a thoughtful way. We are pissed off at our leadership. We are angry about how politicians don’t seem to listen to us, or learn for us, or lead us. Hammering home his point: More than half of the country is willing to vote for a third-party candidate. We have never seen numbers so high.

Dr. Luntz is most concerned about how the media is getting it wrong. This isn’t the Great Resignation, this is the Great Rethink. Everything in our lives is up for reconsideration. He believes the 2022 elections are going to be controversial, and the 2024 election may be unprecedented in modern American History.

Following are a few of my bullet-point notes from Dr. Luntz’s conversation with Mauldin Economics’ Ed D’Agostino.
  • The effort to get a third-party candidate for the ballet is already underway. Money has been raised and is already committed. The candidate needs about $125 million. About $25 million has already been raised.
  • He believes that if Trump does get the ticket, and if we have Trump vs. Biden (or Harris) we will absolutely get a viable third-party candidate—and that candidate may be successful.
  • He doesn’t believe Biden will win.
  • This isn’t just “never Trump;” it’s “never Trump and never Biden.”
  • 2022 is “The Inflation Election.”
    • 53% of voters say inflation, affordability, and the rising prices they’re seeing in every category—from food to fuel—are influencing their political decisions.
    • 36% of voters polled say our dependence on Russia and China for almost everything that matters, including energy, manufacturing, and natural resources, is a real problem.
    • The priority is to end the supply-chain threat.
  • The third-most-pressing issue is climate. We have come to accept that climate change is real and we need to do something now.
Luntz was extremely balanced in his presentation and did not take a political side. But he did say this: Overall, leaders on both sides of the aisle aren’t getting it.

His biggest concern is that this country’s divide is so fundamentally important to everything that is happening right now. And the consequences are just tremendous.

Dr. Luntz concluded his presentation with a call to action. He said:
You don’t have to accept my fear of what’s about to happen. I want to get this right. You have the ability, the people on this call have the ability to change the future. You have the power, you have the influence, you have the financial capability and the political wherewithal. But you have to want to do it. You have to participate. You have to use the right language. You have to do the right thing, not necessarily the easy thing. And I want to empower you to do that because I think you’ll (effect) change… I think we can be safe. You don’t have to have this dark future. We’ll have it if you don’t act. You will give us a much brighter future if you do. And I appreciate the hour to have this conversation because you now know more about what’s really happening than most Americans. That gives you the responsibility to fix it.

Cronk: Interesting commentary. Second Civil War?
Trump was a third-party candidate. He was a life-long Democrat who ran as a Republican because the Dems had a candidate they couldn't give up and their primary would be rigged if necessary to make Hillary the candidate.

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