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Oct 5, 2004
OK, in my work there 10 people (teachers), that study with 1 or 2 child, 1 hour in a day.

for example:
jon: (teacher)
01/01/2005 12:30-13:130, sharon (pupil)
02/01/2005 14:30-15:30, mike, smith (pupils)...
b: (teacher)
02/02/2005 16:00-17:00, a (pupil)
02/03/2005 14:00-15:00 b,c (pupil)...

I have to do a calander that you see each month to each teacher the time that he study with who.

I know I can built it, but I ask here if someone find somthing like it in the web that its done,-, and can give me the link, it will help me so mach.

thanks alot, good day

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