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Today, 01:48
Jan 11, 2013
Hi Gasman,

I'm just curious as to why you need templates in Albert's SEWordMerge? Are you running code from within the word doc or docm? From what i recall, Alberts code instantiates a second instance of the selected document leaving the original untouched or in effect a template.


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Today, 06:48
Sep 21, 2011
Not yet, but trying to allow for that in the future?

Tidyness I suppose, so that all templates are actually templates and not documents acting as templates.?
I could just limit to dotx, but there might be dotm files.

I would just like the ability to select any word document that had to act as a template.
For instance we might end up with a .doc document and if converting to docx to be able to be used with the limited range of file extensions, it then changes the layout and has to be edited to get it at as it was.

Just trying not to limit myself, as I would have to explain to my directors why the 'templates' have to word documents and of only one type and not real templates.

I would likely end up making some macro templates to be able to automate some tasks in the document.

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