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I want to select from a combo in a form the option either "Yes" or "No" but then display either "Y" or "N" respectively in a report. How?????

I have the box in the form all set up and I'm now trying to manipulate the data in the report. I have tried, in the expression box, this....


but this diplays a #Error.

The combo on the form is either yes or no but I only need a Y or an N on the report - am I on the right lines - or should I try something else?

Can someone please help?


Rod D

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Feb 9, 2006

You have posted this in the "Word" forum - but the way you have worded the question looks to me to be an Access issue....

I would guess that you have named your report textbox "Truant".
If so, change it! "Truant_YN" for example. Be careful when you do because the value of the IIF may be updated as well - you might have to edit it back to [Truant].

If this fixes your problem, it is because Access does not know which "Truant" to calculate in the IIF statement - is it the field value from the record source or itself ?

Something else to consider...
If the #Error problem goes away, but all that is returned is "N", this could be because the Truant field is defined as "Yes/No" in the Table. Access stores "Yes" as 0 and "No" as -1, so you will have to change the IIf to read =IIf([Truant]=0,"Y","N")
to get it to work.

Hope this helps

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