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Manpower using Access (1 Viewer)


New member
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Today, 04:53
Apr 2, 2014
I've introduced me some minutes before and I've explained what I'm Chilean, for this reason, sorry by my bad english.

I think it's possible that a database is not the best idea to develop an staffing plan, but I prefer to know your opinion before to put away it.

I have my database split by position and names and the most of relevant information, however my issues started when I try to think what to do with every week. We have something about 200 persons working in my project.

I though to use one field with dates called "Week" to select a week, but we have about 150 weeks in our project, and to select 200 times into 150 registers and add man hours 150 times I think is a lot of work.

If I create a lot of fields (one by week) I think we would lose the flexibility to cross information, to make maths for instance.

Is a bad idea to use a database to resolve this kind of issue? Or there are some ways to resolve a manpower? Or Excel is my BBF for this kind of problems?

Thanks, and again, sorry by my bad english.


Eledittingent Beliped
Local time
Today, 13:53
Nov 3, 2010
Define better to the readers what you want - it is a bit difficult to guess.

Is it a time sheet application? Is it roster? Give examples with minimum numbers and screenshot of your tables in the relations window numbers to illustrate what you want. You may need to zip the pictures due to your post count <10.

Also, why do you wish to develop something that can be bought commercially, with web and mobile access, roster/time sheet accounting etc, and that has been tested and verified?

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