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Jun 22, 2009
I'm using Access 2007 and VBA to build desktp application with accdb back end databases.
What is the difference between two versions of the VB language?
What things would I need to keep in mind if I would start to build programs in Visual Studio (desktop applications with Visual Studio)?
Could You recommend some book on this topic, preferably with VS 2008 IDE?

Thank You


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Aug 27, 2008
First of all you have in the title "Moving from VB6 to Visual Studio 08" and then you say you are using Access and VBA to build a desktop application. So, that is incorrect. If you are using VB6 you are not using VBA. VBA in Access 2000 and above is BASED on VB6 but it is NOT VB6 and VB6 is not VBA.

VB.NET is quite a bit different from VB6 and does require a bit of a learning curve to get the correct syntax down and also to get used to concepts like no variants, working with namespaces, etc. down.

You might start with these free tutorials from FunctionX.


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Jun 8, 2005
I work primarily with VB6 however I grew up with Access VBE/VBA the main difference I have found is that with VB6 there are less event properties with VB6 Textboxes, but the main advantage is that in VB each line of code is processed one line at a time. Access reads all the VBA to validate it first then attempts to process it. And because VB6 is removed from Access the majority of forms you build are unbound forms. That is unless you use the data definition area. I avoid it.

Another major isue is that Acces does not really have its own report generator as you find with Access, so the production of reports is far more complicated.

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