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Apr 11, 2020
I have an excel sheet that controls bills of ladings for a forestry company. In the example you can see that there is lots going on with this Bill. It has a payperiod, mill, truck that delivered it, etc.
I would like setup a database to monitor this. The fields CT1, CT2, Skid1, Skid2. PROC1, PROC2 are all contractor numbers. There are 6 contactors. The percentages in each line are the amount of the volume they performed In the third line there is a value in CT1 only...they get 100% of the volume. I can figure out most of this, but am stumped on how I can monitor when a contractor does multiple in line one, contractor 5, cuts and skids. Btw, contractor 5 now does all three as well. Each one of these jobs, cutting, skidding and processing each has their own respective rate of pay as well. I need a way to break down each line so that I can produce pay summaries for each of the contractors like the second image.




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Jul 4, 2013
Classic many to many relationship situation. One example here

One table for bills of lading, one table for contractors and a third which has the BoL index and the contractor index.

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