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Sep 28, 1999
I am creating a space on the main site for those who wish to showcase their talent. The idea is to have an area for those wish to place a Blog post there. My initial thoughts are there should be a minimum article length, and standard template format for each article. You get to put a bio section at the end, together with a link back to your site. Apart from the SEO factor, I've no idea if these things help the article writer drum up business or not. Besides, some people do articles purely for altruistic reasons.

I've mentioned this idea a few times in the Site Suggestions section, but it is only now that I have completed the studying that enables me to modify the main site to a satisfactory standard.

If you think this is a good idea, bad idea, waste of time, just let me know. Likewise, if you want to place an article in the new Blog section (you can't see it yet!), let me know. I'm thinking maybe the mods or a volunteer can decide on what constitutes a minimum standard and so can vet the article. Sadly, my own Access skills have atrophied over the years and I feel like I should be posting in the Introductions section, as a noobie.

Should no one want to contribute a blog post, I will just remove that section from the site.
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Jul 26, 2013
I think a well-written blog article is a great idea, but they do need refreshing regularly and/or a good index creating that is easily searched or navigated.
Links to samples hosted here would be a good "keep it in the family" approach.

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